Mental Health Journey

Chapter 1 – My Mental Health Story

My name is Michael, and I’m the author of the upcoming book Cornerstone. I’m excited about its release this Fall, and I’ll continue to post updates on my Instagram page.

This book was a labor of love, and I’m eternally grateful for those who walked with me as I journeyed through the lands of deep depression, panic disorder, anxiety disorder, suicidal ideation, homicidal thoughts, and post-traumatic stress for over two years. The ride was wild at times, gentle at times, and sluggish at times, but it always flowed forward until I exited the land of the dead. This season of my life is bookended with a nightmare and a completed prescription of anti-depressants.

For the last few weeks, I prayed about how much of my mental health story to share. Should I share all the details and emotions? Should I tell the story in blog posts or show it in the novels?

I decided to describe my mental illness in short blog chapters that I will post weekly on Fridays. I hope that sharing my mental health story will help others. Moreover, I hope it helps to end the stigma. As I’ve shared parts of my story with others, I’ve learned that many are suffering now or have suffered from mental illness. Or, you likely know someone who has suffered.

In fact, mental health problems affect 1 in 4 people every year, and no one should feel ashamed for having a mental illness. If you’re suffering now, or have suffered in the past, I’m sorry. It sucks. Please know there is hope, and that you’re not alone. Help may be hard to find sometimes, but there is help available.

I will mostly withhold root cause analysis and commentary in this story’s telling. I will also withhold people’s names and instead use generic titles such as “family,” “friend,” or “doctor.”

Thank you for reading.