Lord of the Rings Meets Medieval Love Story

Jeremiah won't find purpose until he joins a quest to return the stone to its original home with an unlikely group of characters—his spiritual father named Padre, a giant, a fellow escaped prisoner, and a beautiful, mysterious, independent woman named Jameela who captures his attention and forces him to forget about his past rejections. Chased by two bands - one known and the other a mystery - Jeremiah and companions evade until confronted by the relic seekers and a decision. What is more important: love or freedom?

This is a story of loss and grief and how the many shapes of love–paternal, brotherly, and romantic–lead Jeremiah and Jameela to battle their internal demons and learn the secret the queen has kept hidden for many years.

But can they unlock the secrets of the stone?

The Kingdom depends on it.



Prophecies and Maps